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Welcome to San Antonio! A Handy Guide to Getting Established Before, During and After Your Move

(March 24, 2016) / by Jenny Elbel

San Antonio is a shining star, ranked as one of the top cities in Texas and across the entire United States. With 3.2 percent job growth and only 3.9 percent unemployment, Forbes magazine places the city in their top 50 Best Places for Business and Careers. On the leisure side, San Antonio's numerous activities and attractions draw nearly 26 million tourists each year.

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Unique Shopping Within 4 Miles of Springs Apartments in San Antonio

(March 03, 2016) / by Jenny Elbel

San Antonio is known for its exceptional shopping. Not only can you find nationally recognized retailers, but also a number of unique, eclectic shopping options as well. Each of our Springs Apartments communities in San Antonio are located within minutes of some great retail options. Here are some interesting places to treasure hunt near your San Antonio apartment home.

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San Antonio Neighborhood Guide: Places to Explore in Your Area

(January 28, 2016) / by Jenny Elbel

According to the San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau, the city draws more than 25 million visitors per year. As a resident of Springs Apartments in San Antonio, the local amenities are part of your everyday lifestyle. We've assembled a handy list of the top services and attractions that are only minutes away from your home.

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5 Tips for Choosing a Studio Apartment in San Antonio

(January 07, 2016) / by Jenny Elbel

Choosing a studio apartment can seem like an overwhelming task. Every unit you visit is slightly different, but after awhile all your options will start to blur together. Here are five essential tips for finding a studio apartment that meets your needs.

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Happy Holidays from Springs Apartments San Antonio!

(December 24, 2015) / by Jenny Elbel

It’s natural for people to take time during the holidays to look back on the past year and express gratitude for all we have, especially good friends and close family. As for those of us at Springs Apartments, we’re very grateful for you! We’re happy to have each of you here and hope we’ve served you well; it’s our goal every day of every year to do whatever it takes to ensure that “You’re Home” here at Springs.

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Deck Your San Antonio Halls with Our 9 Favorite Holiday Decorating Tips

(November 19, 2015) / by Jenny Elbel

Does anything put you in a holiday mood faster than decorating your San Antonio apartment home? Whether this is your first home or you're looking for a way to freshen up your traditional holiday look, you'll find some great ideas in this list of our favorite decorating tips.

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Fun November Activities in San Antonio

(October 29, 2015) / by Jenny Elbel

If you’re looking to get out of your San Antonio apartment and do something special this holiday season, you don’t have to look too far. Springs Apartments has come up with a list of options that we think you and your loved ones will enjoy – check them out:

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Local Coffee Shops You Should Visit in San Antonio

(October 01, 2015) / by Jenny Elbel


If you’re like most people, you probably appreciate the opportunity to enjoy a good cup of coffee, whether it’s to help get your day started, to take advantage of some social time with friends, or to give yourself some personal space to de-stress. Here is a list of some of the most intriguing coffee shops in the San Antonio area that are sure to tickle your taste buds and energize your day:  

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5 Steps to Finding the Right Mover in San Antonio

(September 24, 2015) / by Jenny Elbel

Are you planning your move into one of our Springs Apartments communities in San Antonio? Hiring a moving company to help with the process is supposed to reduce stress, not add to it. Get some peace of mind by using our favorite tips to find a dependable, efficient mover.

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6 Things Military Families Should Look for When Searching for an Apartment

(November 13, 2014) / by Jenny Elbel

Working in the military is one of the hardest jobs in the country. Not only do you make sacrifices to help protect our freedom, but you also do it all while constantly being moved from place to place. Because of the unique job requirements, military families face several challenges when looking for a place to live. You never really know where you’ll be stationed next or how long you’ll ultimately stay there, so it’s hard to find a place to settle down and call home – especially when you’ve never even been to that city before.

To help you find the ideal place for you and your family to call home while stationed in a new city, we’ve put together a list of certain features to look for during your apartment search. Even if you’ll only be staying for a few months, you’ll want to make sure you’re comfortable in your new place, and these 6 features will certainly help accomplish that:

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