Looking for Mary "Pup"pins? 8 Tips for Finding a Qualified Pet Sitter

(September 13, 2018) / by Jenny Armer

When you have to travel away from your Springs luxury apartment home without your pet, what are your options? Boarding services are readily available in most areas. Unfortunately, they're often pricey and staying in a strange place can be stressful for your dog or cat.

Pet sitters will care for pets in your own home, providing personalized service at more affordable rates, but you can't simply pick one at random. Leave Fido and Fluffy in good hands when you use these tips to find an experienced and trustworthy pet sitter.

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Don't Trust the Eye Test: 6 Measurements to Take Before Signing a Lease

(September 11, 2018) / by Megan Mares

Finding the right luxury apartment takes serious planning. In order to make your search more efficient, we've shared some helpful tips about prioritizing features and amenities as well as how to interpret a lease.

There's one more important piece of homework to complete before choosing your new home. Take these important measurements beforehand to prevent unpleasant surprises on moving day.

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Alone, but Not Lonely: 8 Ways to Love Your New Apartment After Sharing a Home

(September 07, 2018) / by Heather Riggs

After years of living with family, roommates or a significant other, you're now flying solo, either by choice or by circumstance. You're in good company: according to Pew Research Center, 42% of U.S. adults are living without a partner, and one-third of those live alone.

Living alone doesn't have to mean being lonely. Here are some helpful tips to make your Springs luxury apartment home your personal palace.

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You Wash, I'll Dry: 7 Tips for Sharing Cleaning Chores with Roommates

(September 04, 2018) / by Sherry Cameron

Sharing is caring, but it might not feel that way when it comes time to divvying up the cleaning duties in your Springs luxury apartment home. Household chores may not be a popular topic, but it's a necessary discussion when you share living space with roommates.

Cleaning is less of a chore when it's shared by many hands and you're all on the same page. Avoid drama with these valuable tips for splitting household tasks.

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Bringing Up Baby: 5 Tips to Transition from Nursery to Toddler Room

(August 30, 2018) / by Jenny Armer

It's a fact of life that kids grow up all too soon. Your baby is now a toddler, and the charming nursery you created in your Springs luxury apartment home no longer serves its purpose.

The good news? Transitioning to a toddler's room doesn't have to be a major project. Here are some great tips for updating with a minimum of time and money.

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Where Does the Money Go? 5 Expert Tips for Organizing and Managing Your Finances

(August 28, 2018) / by Heather Riggs

Ever get that sinking feeling when you realize your credit card payment was due yesterday? That short 24-hour period could cost you a significant late fee and higher interest rates in the short term and a lower credit score down the road.

Your finances are too important to track in your head. Relieve stress and save money with these expert tips for organizing and managing finances.

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Everything Old Is New Again: 5 Tips to Incorporate Existing Furniture into a New Apartment

(August 23, 2018) / by Prince Solomon

How wonderful would it be if every new apartment we moved into came with a complete set of brand-new furniture? It's a beautiful dream, but most of us have to be a little more practical with our expectations.

The good news is that you can give your existing furniture a fresh new look with little or no investment. Use these tips to add a designer's touch to your Springs luxury apartment home without breaking your budget.

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Clutter, Be Gone! 9 Easy and Helpful Tips to Organize Your Apartment

(August 21, 2018) / by Jenny Elbel

"I have too much storage space," said no one ever. People are always looking for ways to squeeze out some extra room for easier in-home organization.

Members of our Springs on-site management teams offer their favorite tips for finding hidden storage space to keep your belongings organized.

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How Polite Is Your Pet? 9 Rules of Doggie Etiquette

(August 16, 2018) / by Jenny Armer

When it comes to on-site amenities, we don't forget about our four-legged residents. All of our pet-friendly Springs luxury apartment communities include off-leash dog parks and pet spas where you can both have fun and get to know your neighbors.

The only thing we ask is that our pet residents and their humans observe some basic guidelines of etiquette. Follow these simple rules and help us maintain the high quality of living at our Springs communities.

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Do You Really Know How to Dust? A Best Practices Guide to Cleaning Your Apartment

(August 14, 2018) / by Megan Mares

Housecleaning doesn't seem like anything you have to "learn." The truth is that there are specific techniques that work best to keep your Springs luxury apartment home looking spotless.

Here's a handy guide to the best methods for some of the more common household chores. Which tips will help you the most?

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