Sweet Dreams: 15 Amazingly Easy DIY Headboard Ideas

(December 07, 2017) / by Lauren Runte

A headboard finishes off the look of your bed in your Springs luxury apartment home and serves as a focal point for the room's decor. The problem? Even at discount stores, these seemingly simple pieces of furniture can cost hundreds of dollars.

The good news is that it's surprisingly easy to make your own headboard. Not only is it a great way to have a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture, it's a fun project during the winter months.

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10 Things to Consider Before Beginning Your Apartment Search

(December 05, 2017) / by Mark Lee

So you've made the decision that it's time to look for a new apartment home. Maybe you've taken a new job that's further away, or you can afford a larger apartment with more amenities.

Regardless of the reason, don't rush headlong into your search without setting up some guidelines. Here are important issues to consider before scheduling your first apartment viewing.

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Get a Head Start on New Year's Resolutions with 9 Great Closet Organizing Tips

(November 30, 2017) / by Lauren Runte

Are you putting off any self- or home-improvement projects until the new year? There's no time like the present to restore some order to the cluttered closets in your Springs luxury apartment home.

We'll help you get started with some top tips for efficiently organizing even the most chaotic closets.

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Rent Is Due When? 5 Tips to Maintain Timely Rent Payment

(November 28, 2017) / by Mark Lee

Consistently paying your rent on time is the easiest way to become a favored resident with management. It also provides a documented track record that works in your favor for future rentals or home purchases.

Even one late payment can tarnish an otherwise spotless record. Here are some great tips from our on-site management team that will help you stay on track, even if you don't have a memory like an elephant.

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Love Me, Love My Dog: 6 Tips for Using Fido to Make Friends

(November 21, 2017) / by Jake Meier

The process of making friends has gone to the dogs... literally. Studies show that dog owners are five times more likely to meet other members of their neighborhood.

What makes the difference? Dog owners are out and about with their pets! Use these helpful tips to boost the social circles for yourself and your dog.

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Be a Thanksgiving Star with These 9 Delicious Holiday Desserts

(November 16, 2017) / by Megan Mares

Turkey is the star attraction of the Thanksgiving table, but dessert adds the finishing touch. Wow your family and friends with one of these amazing holiday treats prepared in the gourmet kitchen of your Springs luxury apartment home.

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Help! My Roommate Has Bad Credit! 6 Tips for Overcoming a Poor Credit Score

(November 14, 2017) / by Jake Meier

So you and your BFF have made the decision to share an apartment together and you couldn't be happier until she drops the bombshell: she has a poor credit score.

Don't panic just yet. A low credit score doesn't have to be a deal breaker. We've gathered some of the best tips to help you get approved for a lease when your potential roommate has questionable credit.

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7 Tips for Creating the Perfect Table Setting

(November 09, 2017) / by Jan Rayburn

Food is the common denominator at the best holiday gatherings. Setting a beautiful table in your Springs luxury apartment home adds to the festive ambiance and actually makes the food taste even better.

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‘Tis Better to Give: 9 Tips for Donating to Charities

(November 07, 2017) / by Mark Lee

Charitable giving is a welcome gesture any time of the year, but it has a special resonance during the holidays, when people want to share fellowship and good cheer.

As you review your Springs luxury apartment home for items to donate, here's a list of helpful guidelines to make the most of your generous and giving spirit.

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Safe at Home: 7 Easy and Inexpensive Apartment Security Tips

(November 02, 2017) / by Jake Meier

At Springs, your comfort and security is our main concern. Our luxury apartment homes are designed and built for safety and privacy, while our on-site management and maintenance teams provide several sets of observant eyes at all times.

You can be proactive about security without spending a lot of time or money. Here are the best tips we've found for protecting your apartment and possessions.

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