Does Pet-Allowed Mean Pet-Friendly? How Springs Welcomes You and Your Pets

(May 25, 2018) / by Megan Mares

According to a national survey,68% of households in America have pets. In recognition of this fact, some apartment communities allow residents to move in with their furry friends.

But does this mean that these communities are pet-friendly? Here's a look at how ourpet-friendly Springs luxury apartment communities truly consider Fido and Fluffy as members of your family.

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When a Garage Isn't Just for a Car: Expert Organizing and Storage Tips

(May 22, 2018) / by Jenny Elbel

Did you know experts estimate that only about 30% of people actually use their garages to store vehicles? If you guessed that the reason is "too much stuff," you win the prize.

Thegarages at our Springs luxury apartment homes can serve a wide variety of purposes. Whether you use it as a workroom, exercise space or just to hold your car, here are some of our favorite organizing and storage tips.

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Food Is Life: 5 Reasons Our Kitchens Are So Effective

(May 17, 2018) / by Sherry Cameron

Many of our best times are shared with family and friends over food. Kitchens are often a hub of activity in the home, and ourSprings luxury apartments are no exception.

Here are some of the features that make our Springs kitchens so special.

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On Your Own for the First Time? 6 Tips for Building (or Repairing) Your Credit as a Renter

(May 15, 2018) / by Jenny Elbel

Are you striking out on your own after the security of your parents' home or a college dorm? Freedom is exciting, but it comes with a new set of responsibilities as well. Your credit score will follow you everywhere, and it's easier to build a good one than it is to repair a bad one.

Leasing one of our Springs luxury apartment homes is a great step toward establishing a solid credit score. Here are some other tips to stay on the path of creditworthiness.

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Meeting of the Minds: 8 Tips for Decorating an Apartment with a Roommate

(May 10, 2018) / by Heather Riggs

Whether your roommate is your lifelong bestie or a new acquaintance you met via Craigslist, chances are you'll have distinctly different decorating tastes. The style of yourSprings luxury apartment home is hardly something you can learn to ignore. What to do?

Fortunately, there are peaceful ways to work out a compromise and live to tell the tale. Here are some of our favorite tips for combining styles while keeping both sides relatively satisfied.

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Move-Out Cleaning: DIY or Professional Help? 7 Tips to Help You Decide

(May 08, 2018) / by Kelly Kempker

Moving out of an apartment is a major undertaking that requires a lot of preparation. As you're gathering boxes, renting trucks andlining up help, don't forget to factor in a final cleaning before you leave for good.

Just as with the actual moving process, you have the option of doing the cleaning yourself or hiring outside help. Before you flip a coin, consider these expert tips for making the decision.

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Lose the Calories, Not the Taste: 12 Healthy and Delicious Appetizer Recipes

(May 03, 2018) / by Paul Vastag

Is it possible to make a tasty appetizer without gooey cheese, fatty meats, creamy dips, deep-frying or all of the above? We're here to tell you that the answer is yes! There are all kinds of delicious appetizers to make and enjoy without a moment of guilt.

When you entertain this summer at yourSprings luxury apartment home, delight your guests with these easy-to-prepare and healthy appetizers.

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¡Salud! 8 Alternatives to Margaritas for Cinco de Mayo

(May 01, 2018) / by Sherry Cameron

Cinco de Mayo is a lively holiday filled with good music, good food and good drinks. You can't go wrong with the traditional Margarita, but why not spice up this year's celebration with some new beverage options?

Whether you're heading to a cantina or hosting a fiesta at yourSprings luxury apartment home, give these tasty drinks a try.

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A Passion for Purple — 8 Ways to Incorporate 2018’s Color of the Year in Your Apartment

(April 26, 2018) / by Lisa Schockemoehl

Do you like to dress up yourSprings luxury apartment home with current decorating trends? Color space giant Pantone has namedUltra Violet, a vivid shade of purple, as its Color of the Year for 2018.

Ultra Violet may be too bold a hue for a total style commitment, but there are some clever ways you can use it to add pops of color for visual interest. Here are some of our favorite suggestions.

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Pampering Begins at Home: 10 Tips to Transform Your Bathroom into a Spa

(April 24, 2018) / by Shayla Morris

Pampering yourself is a great way to keep your life in balance, but a trip to the spa doesn't always fit into your schedule or budget. Why not enjoy the ultimate convenience of a relaxing spa right in yourSprings luxury apartment home?

Here are some of our favorite tips for transforming your bathroom into a spa without spending a lot of time or money.

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