Santa Missed the Mark? 5 Ways to Handle Unwanted or Duplicate Gifts

(January 11, 2018) / by Jake Meier

While the thought behind a gift is always appreciated, the actual present itself may miss the mark. Perhaps it's the wrong size or a duplicate of something you already own. Maybe it simply doesn't fit your lifestyle or tastes.

Unwanted gifts can still serve a useful purpose. Here are some of our favorite ideas to find a home for these perfectly good items.

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Banish Winter Doldrums with 8 Hot Books for Chilly Afternoons

(January 09, 2018) / by Rhonda Calhoun

Now that the holiday excitement is over, are you dreading the seemingly endless stretch of time until spring? Escaping to another world is as close as a cozy chair, a warm throw blanket and a great book.

Spend some time catching up on your reading with these top book picks. There's something for everyone, whatever your preference.

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Gym Rat in January, Couch Potato by February? 8 Tips to Maintain Workout Motivation in 2018

(January 04, 2018) / by Jake Meier

Is 2018 the year you're finally going to get into shape? Unfortunately, we all know making the decision is only half the battle. Now comes the hard part of making fitness a consistent part of your lifestyle.

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8 "Hot" Items to Get You Through the Chill of Winter

(January 02, 2018) / by Jean Jones

As the winter temperatures continue to dip lower, the good news is that it's easier to heat up than it is to cool down. Here are some great accessories we've found to help you stay cozy and warm inside and outside your Springs luxury apartment home.

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Changing Addresses? 9 Places to Notify Immediately

(December 28, 2017) / by Jake Meier

After your name, your address is the most basic piece of information used for identification. If this data isn't kept current, the result can be problems ranging from missing magazine issues to invalidated auto insurance.

As you move into one of our Springs luxury apartment communities, use this checklist to make sure you submit a change of address wherever necessary.

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Light Up a Dreary Winter Day with these 7 Holiday Movies

(December 26, 2017) / by Jean Jones

Summer holidays are a time for swimming, sailing and BBQ, but winter holidays call for indoor activities. Get in the spirit by watching these holiday movie classics that never get old.

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Looking for Your Dream Apartment? 4 Steps to Creating Your Wish List

(December 21, 2017) / by Jean Jones

When you're looking for a luxury apartment home, the choices can seem endless. The truth is that they are. Each apartment comes with a different combination of features and amenities, and they can eventually start to blur together.

Don't be discouraged! With a bit of planning, you can create a wish list of features that will help you zero in on your dream apartment.

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Waste Not, Want Not: 9 Tips for Responsible Food Usage

(December 19, 2017) / by Prince Solomon

America is known as the land of plenty, but it may not stay that way much longer. Studies show that 30 – 40% of the food produced in our country is thrown away. This equates to more than 38 million tons per year, enough to fill 365 football stadiums.

How can you do your part to reduce this number? Here are some valuable tips to help you practice responsible food habits in your Springs luxury apartment home.

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Home Alone: 4 Pet Care Options When You're Traveling for the Holidays

(December 14, 2017) / by Justin Few

Traveling during the holidays can cause separation anxiety in both you and your pet. As a result, you spend all your time fretting instead of enjoying the company of family and friends.  Why let stress interfere with holiday joy? Consider these great pet care options that will give you peace of mind knowing that your precious cat or dog is safe and happy.

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Company's Coming? A 6-Point Checklist for Holiday Hospitality

(December 12, 2017) / by Megan Mares

Are you happily preparing for holiday houseguests at your Springs luxury apartment home? Welcoming family members or close friends is no excuse to completely put your manners aside and leave your guests to fend for themselves.  We've put together a checklist of guidelines for being a gracious host and creating a memorable visit for everyone.

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