Home Alone: 4 Pet Care Options When You're Traveling for the Holidays

(December 14, 2017) / by Justin Few

Traveling during the holidays can cause separation anxiety in both you and your pet. As a result, you spend all your time fretting instead of enjoying the company of family and friends.  Why let stress interfere with holiday joy? Consider these great pet care options that will give you peace of mind knowing that your precious cat or dog is safe and happy.

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Love Me, Love My Dog: 6 Tips for Using Fido to Make Friends

(November 21, 2017) / by Jake Meier

The process of making friends has gone to the dogs... literally. Studies show that dog owners are five times more likely to meet other members of their neighborhood.

What makes the difference? Dog owners are out and about with their pets! Use these helpful tips to boost the social circles for yourself and your dog.

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Expecting a New Arrival? 10 Tips to Puppy-Proof Your Apartment

(October 17, 2017) / by Jake Meier

Are you expecting a new bundle of joy at your pet-friendly Springs luxury apartment home? That cuddly puppy can turn into a Tasmanian devil the minute you bring him through the front door.

Protect your precious new arrival as well as your comfy home with these helpful tips to puppy-proof your apartment.

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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie — How to Choose the Perfect Dog Bed

(September 05, 2017) / by Jake Meier

Dog beds have evolved a long way beyond a simple basket, box or crate lined with a blanket. If you're looking for a new dog bed for your pet-friendly Springs luxury apartment home, you don't have to sacrifice style for Fido's comfort.

Use these tips to choose a dog bed that satisfies both you and your precious pooch by combining looks and function.

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Dog Lover or Cat Fancier? 8 Questions to Reveal Your Pet Preference

(August 17, 2017) / by Jake Meier

Are you ready to give a special dog or cat a forever home in your Springs luxury apartment? You can't go wrong either way, but your personality is more likely suited for one or the other.

Answer these questions to find out whether you're more compatible with a dog or a cat.

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Made in the Shade — 9 Tips for Keeping Fido Cool This Summer

(July 06, 2017) / by Jean Jones

You can don shorts and a tank top when hot weather hits, but your poor dog doesn't have that option. Use these helpful tips to keep Fido cool as a cucumber this summer at our Springs luxury apartment communities.

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Living Large: 9 Tips for Keeping a Large Dog Happy in Your Apartment

(June 08, 2017) / by Jake Meier

At Springs, we believe furry friends come in all shapes and sizes, so we welcome many large dog breeds. All of our communities include on-site off-leash dog parks and pet spas to make it convenient to care for your precious pet.

Here are some more helpful tips to keep your beloved Great Dane or Golden Retriever happy in your Springs luxury apartment home.

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Digital Doggie Care — Top Apps for Pet Owners

(May 30, 2017) / by Jake Meier

Do you share your Springs luxury apartment home with a pet? There's an app for that! We've scouted out some of the best options for managing your pet's life just as easily as you organize your own.

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Have Pet, Will Rent: Tips for Finding a Pet-Friendly Apartment

(April 27, 2017) / by Morris Hohman

You may consider Fido or Fluffy a member of your family, but the truth is that not everyone else is crazy about your pet, and that includes some luxury apartment communities. We've put together a list of six helpful tips for finding an apartment that welcomes both you and your furry friend.

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6 Ways to Keep Your Dog from Barking

(April 13, 2017) / by Jean Jones

Dogs are creatures of instinct, so they have no idea that everyone isn't utterly charmed by their barking. Help your pet be a good neighbor with these tips to keep it from barking in your Springs luxury apartment home.

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