Multifunctional Furniture for Studio Apartments

(July 21, 2015) / by Justin Few

Studio apartments are convenient and easy to maintain. They can also be challenging when it comes to furnishing them. Make the most of your space with these multitasking furniture pieces.

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10 More Innovative DIY Home Storage Solutions

(May 26, 2015) / by Morgan Bartkowiak

Are you one of those people who would love to be organized but think you don't have the time? The truth is being unorganized is the time-waster, causing you to spend valuable minutes searching for items. We have rounded up some of the easiest and most creative DIY organizing tips to use in your Springs Apartments home. And since we've saved you all that research time, why not get started today?

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5 Clever Items That Add Instant Apartment Storage Space

(January 15, 2015) / by Jean Jones

Parkinson's Law states that work expands to fill the time available to complete it. Everyone knows all too well the truth of its corollary, which is that your stuff expands to fill the available space. The longer you live in a home, the more it seems to gradually shrink.

This issue is so universal that an entire industry has developed around personal storage. Our spacious Springs Apartments homes provide many opportunities to incorporate these creative solutions. Here are five popular storage products that are versatile and easy to use. Can you see a place in your home for them?

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Tips For Optimizing Space in 1-Bedroom and Studio Apartments

(January 08, 2015) / by Jean Jones

Few of us have the amount of living space we’d really like to have, if cost (utilities, furnishings, rent, etc.) were no object. And those of us in apartments – especially one-bedroom and studio apartments – have to work a little harder to arrange and store all our belongings comfortably. With a little organization, some quick thinking and creative use of space, though, you can pack a whole lot into any apartment – here’s how!

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12 of Our Favorite Organizing Tips

(June 19, 2014) / by Jean Jones

Most everyone will tell you that he or she would benefit from being more organized; with a few practical approaches in place, we’d all save time and the frustration of not being able to find what we need, when we need it. So, the team at Springs has collected a few of our favorite ideas from the web and from our residents. Not only will these tips help you stay organized, but in some cases will help extend your storage for everyday items!

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Discover Your Apartment's 'Hidden' Storage Space

(May 22, 2014) / by Jean Jones

Storage is a universal issue for everyone, no matter what size residence they live in. Since scientists are not likely to come up with a room stretcher anytime soon, a more realistic plan is to apply some creative solutions to maximize your existing storage space. You may be surprised with the difference some organizing tips combined with clever storage ideas can make.

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