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What’s That Smell? Natural DIY Fresheners for Your Apartment

(August 29, 2017) / by Prince Solomon

A bad smell is the unseen enemy that can destroy the best housekeeping efforts. Stores have aisles full of candles, sprays and other air freshening products, but you can save money and the environment by using natural DIY solutions.

We've put together a list of easy and effective ways to keep your Springs luxury apartment home smelling sweet.

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What's the Buzz? 6 Social Media Networks for Online Apartment Searches

(June 01, 2017) / by Prince Solomon

Social media isn't just for posting pictures of dinner at that hip new restaurant you just discovered. Take your apartment search digital with these networks created with prospective and current renters in mind.

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7 Things You Should Always Dry Clean (And 4 You Can Wash at Home)

(May 04, 2017) / by Prince Solomon

The best way to stretch your wardrobe budget is to take proper care of the clothes you already own. Here's a handy guide to what's safe for the washing machine and what should always go to the dry cleaners.

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6 Bad Apartment Habits to Break

(April 04, 2017) / by Prince Solomon

Does your Springs luxury apartment home frequently look as though a tornado just blew through? You don't have to be an OCD housekeeper to maintain a reasonably clean apartment when you break these six bad habits.

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4 Moving Options from DIY to Full-Service

(March 14, 2017) / by Prince Solomon

"Failing to plan is planning to fail." There's some debate about the origin of this quote, but not about its wisdom. If you're preparing to move into one of our Springs luxury apartment homes, efficient planning saves you a lot of headaches.

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Can You Really Afford That Apartment?

(February 09, 2017) / by Prince Solomon

Experts recommend that you budget approximately 30-35 percent of your gross annual salary on housing, but many people don't realize that rent is not the only expense in that calculation. Make sure you don't get caught short by following these budgeting tips from our Springs leasing team.

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Time is on Your Side: 5 "Timely" Tips for Planning an Apartment Search

(February 02, 2017) / by Prince Solomon

According to many people, the key to success comes down to three simple words: Timing is everything.

Are you planning a move to a new luxury apartment and trying to decide on the best strategy to find just the right place? Let the experienced and knowledgeable members of our Springs leasing team share their best timing tips for a successful search.

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Ring in the New: 8 Items to Purchase for Your Apartment in January

(January 12, 2017) / by Prince Solomon

While you may be considering giving shopping a break after the holidays, January is a great time to score some great deals on items for your apartment home. Here are eight purchases to make in January that won't break your new year's budget.

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6 Great Apps for Painlessly Splitting Rent and Other Expenses

(October 25, 2016) / by Prince Solomon

When you're splitting expenses with your roommates, does it seem as though someone always gets shortchanged? Now you can ditch the guesswork and divvy up rent and other expenses, like utilities, fair and square – no matter how good (or bad) your math skills are! Here’s a list of some the best expense-sharing apps on the market. Combine one with a bill-paying app, and cash never even has to pass through your hands.

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6 Cool High-Tech Devices that Turn Your Apartment into a "Smart" Home

(September 20, 2016) / by Prince Solomon

Technology's ultimate goal is to make life easier, and that includes managing your Springs luxury apartment home. Here are some of our favorite finds among the latest high-tech devices that adapt to any lifestyle.

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