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Lose the Calories, Not the Taste: 12 Healthy and Delicious Appetizer Recipes

(May 03, 2018) / by Paul Vastag

Is it possible to make a tasty appetizer without gooey cheese, fatty meats, creamy dips, deep-frying or all of the above? We're here to tell you that the answer is yes! There are all kinds of delicious appetizers to make and enjoy without a moment of guilt.

When you entertain this summer at yourSprings luxury apartment home, delight your guests with these easy-to-prepare and healthy appetizers.

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Why Aren’t More Renters Becoming Homeowners?

(May 07, 2015) / by Paul Vastag

Home ownership has long been considered part of the American Dream. While many young couples and families still aspire to become homeowners, an increasing number are opting to remain renters, either short-term or permanently. What's behind this shift in attitude?

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Springs Apartments Amenities

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    Great interiors and fine finishes.
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    Resort-style pool and clubhouse.
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    Modern appliances.
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    Leash-free, fenced dog park.