6 More Questions to Ask When Looking at Apartments

(September 27, 2016) / by Jean Jones

Apartment-Questions.jpgEarlier this year we posted "6 Questions to Ask When Looking at Apartments." When it comes to choosing a home, you can never have too much information, so here are six more questions to ask as you conduct your apartment search.

1. What if a 12 Month Lease is Too Long for Me?

This is a particularly important question if career obligations take you away from home, either temporarily or permanently. Our Springs luxury communities offer flexible lease terms, which makes us a favorite resource for relocation specialists.

2. What Is the Guest Policy?

There are generally no restrictions on guests in terms of entertaining, as long as the event isn't disruptive to other residents. Many communities limit overnight guests to a specific time period, so if this is a potential issue for you, make sure you understand the parameters contained in the lease.

3. What Is the Schedule for On-Site Amenities?

The most amazing on-site amenities mean nothing unless you can use them. Ask about hours for the pool, fitness center and other facilities that interest you. Convenience of our residents is important to us, so we try to accommodate them with schedules like 24/7 access to our fitness centers.

4. I'm Relocating from Out of Town. How Can I View the Apartment?

The Federal Reserve Board's Division of Research & Statistics reports that 31 percent of Americans move cross-state during their lifetime, with just over 17 percent crossing regions, so it's not always practical to view apartments in person. Our Springs communities use Facetime and Skype to bring the apartment to you!

5. Can I Pay Rent Online?

As we grow closer to an exclusively cashless society, the once simple act of writing a check can be a major inconvenience. An additional benefit of paying rent online is the ability to automate the process, eliminating the chance of late fees.

6. Does the Community Host Resident Events?

Whether you prefer privacy or you enjoy the social whirl, apartment living is suitable for both lifestyles. If you’re interested in joining an active community, our Springs on-site management teams host a variety of resident events throughout the year.

You may get the right answers to your questions, but how do you know they will match up with reality? Our Springs Apartments Pledge details our commitment to back up our words with our actions.

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