Renting with a Pet? 5 Things You Need to Know About Including Fido or Fluffy in Your Application

(November 01, 2016) / by Sherry Cameron

We believe in the joys of four-legged companionship. All of our Springs luxury apartment communities are pet-friendly, which includes feathered and finned companions as well.

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It's a Dog's Life: 7 Tips for Apartment-Training Your Pet

(September 08, 2016) / by Sherry Cameron

Bringing a cat into one of our pet-friendly Springs luxury apartments is almost an automatic process. Set up a litter box as well as a food-and-water station and Fluffy is right at home. However, dogs are a bit more of a challenge. We've put together some of our favorite tips for apartment-training your new pet, whether he's an energetic puppy or a more laid-back "senior."

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A Clean Pet is a Happy Pet: 11 Tips to Make Doggie Bath Time Easier

(August 25, 2016) / by Justin Few

Is there anything more cuddly than a freshly bathed dog? Unfortunately, the process of getting him there can be chaotic and frustrating for both of you.

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8 Do's and Don'ts for Choosing Fabrics that Play Nice with Pets

(July 12, 2016) / by Sherry Cameron

We love our adorable pets, but let's face it. Just bringing a dog or cat through the front door of your Springs luxury apartment home seems to magically turn furniture and other fabric-covered surfaces into hair and dirt magnets.

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7 Summer Pet Care Tips You Need to Know

(June 28, 2016) / by Justin Few

Summer is a time of outdoor activity for all the residents of our pet-friendly Springs Apartments homes. Don't forget that Fido and Whiskers need protection from the sun just like you do.

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Looking for a Four-Legged Roommate? 5 Benefits of Adopting a Shelter Pet

(May 12, 2016) / by Justin Few

YouTube is full of videos documenting the adorable antics of puppies and kittens. But if you want to bring a new pet into your pet-friendly Springs Apartments home, why not adopt a rescue animal? Here's a look at some of the benefits and considerations for taking one of these deserving dogs or cats into your home and heart.

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6 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Happy and Healthy in an Apartment

(April 21, 2016) / by Jenny Armer

Dogs are indeed man's (and woman's) best friend. They're loyal and amusing, but above all, they offer unconditional love. These traits make dogs perfect companions for one of our pet-friendly Springs Apartments homes.

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Is Your Pet a Good Neighbor? A Guide to Dog Etiquette for Apartment Residents

(March 17, 2016) / by Kristen Beckwith

Are you sharing your Springs apartment home with a cuddly four-legged roommate? We love animals and appreciate our furry residents as much as we do humans, but as cute as they are, they don't get a pass on bad behavior.

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Looking for a Four-Legged Roommate? The Best Pets for Apartment Living

(January 12, 2016) / by Jean Jones

We understand and appreciate the joy a pet can bring to a household. Our Springs Apartments communities are pet-friendly so all of our residents can have this wonderful experience if they so choose.

Are you excited to bring a pet home but you don't know which type to pick? We have suggestions for a number of pets that are best suited for apartment homes. Which one appeals to you?

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Bringing a New Pet Home? Helpful Training Tips You Need to Know

(December 01, 2015) / by Jean Jones

The companionship and affection of a dog is one of the more popular benefits of our pet-friendly Springs Apartments communities. Sharing your apartment home with a pet involves some training at the outset, but the rewards are well worth it. We've put together some top expert tips to make the training process easier for you and your pet.

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