Essential Things to Do and See After Moving to Des Moines

June 26, 2017 / by Jake Meier

Leaving friends, family and favorite places behind to move to a new city can be bittersweet. We miss our sense of fitting in and being in the know about home. As a newcomer, it can be daunting trying to learn about your new community.

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5 Time Management Tips that Add Hours to Your Day

June 21, 2017 / by Jean Jones

This article originally appeared on the Springs "You're Home Blog."

Do you sometimes wish you were Superman, able to make the Earth revolve fast enough to regain the last day? With your busy schedule, it seems like there just isn't enough time to get everything done. As the saying goes, “We all get the same 24 hours a day. It's what you do with those hours that makes the difference.”

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What's Up In Des Moines for July 4th

June 19, 2017 / by Jake Meier

July 4th is probably one of the last days you want to sit around your apartment, no matter how much you love your apartment. If you are new to West Des Moines and Waukee, you may need some help navigating the area on this All-American holiday. Whether you are new to the area, or you simply haven't ventured out for this particular holiday before, we can help. 

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3 Don't Miss Farmers Markets in the Des Moines Area

June 12, 2017 / by Jenny Armer

It's no secret that Iowa is farm country. However, the farm to table movement across the country has seemed to shrink the divide between farmer and consumer as attending a farmer's market has become one of the most sought-after activities in the state. Although they are becoming more common throughout the city, these Des Moines area farmer's markets stand head and shoulders above the rest for the number of vendors, quality of goods and additional entertainment.

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5 Ways to Hold a Yard Sale Without a Yard

June 07, 2017 / by Prince Solomon

This article originally appeared on the Springs "You're Home Blog."

Is clutter piling up in the closets and cabinets of your Springs Apartments home? A yard sale is the classic solution to thinning out your possessions while putting a few bucks in your pocket. No yard, you say? No problem! Check out this list of suggestions for creative yard sale options.

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Unique Father's Day Ideas

June 05, 2017 / by Amber Freidrichsen

Father's Day is quickly approaching! Do you know how you're going to spend time with the most important man in your life? We've gathered together some of the best things to do in West Des Moines to celebrate his special day so you have one convenient place to look when you're doing your planning. 

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Digital Doggie Care — Top Apps for Pet Owners

May 31, 2017 / by Jake Meier

This article originally appeared on the Springs "You're Home Blog."

Do you share your Springs luxury apartment home with a pet? There's an app for that! We've scouted out some of the best options for managing your pet's life just as easily as you organize your own.

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Summer Fun Is Close to Home in Waukee & West Des Moines

May 29, 2017 / by Bridget Cundiff

Large Des Moines events -- such as the Des Moines Arts Festival (June 23-25) and the Iowa State Fair (August 10-20) -- are lots of fun, but crowded. If you live in the western suburbs and are looking for things to do in West Des Moines or Waukee, there are many festivities closer to home to enjoy this summer. Here are some possibilities to add to your calendar.

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Can You Really Afford That Apartment?

May 24, 2017 / by Prince Solomon

This article originally appeared on the Springs "You're Home Blog."

Experts recommend that you budget approximately 30-35 percent of your gross annual salary on housing, but many people don't realize that rent is not the only expense in that calculation. Make sure you don't get caught short by following these budgeting tips from our Springs leasing team.

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4 Seafood Spots in West Des Moines and Waukee

May 22, 2017 / by Jenny Armer

If you haven't yet considered the best in seafood dining in West Des  Moines and Waukee, Iowa, you are in for a pleasant surprise.  As spring approaches, many of our community members consider it a great time to explore the best in fresh catches, as well as plenty of exotic sea fare around town.  If you are looking for things to do in Waukee and West Des Moines, with a focus on marine-based dining explorations, we can help.

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