6 Tips to Keep Your Apartment Carpets Clean

Posted by Tiffany Taylor

(April 25, 2017)

The beautifulhardwood-style flooring in our Springs luxury apartment homes is low-maintenance, but what about the carpeted areas? Does your head hurt just thinking about keeping them clean?

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Gesundheit! 8 Ways to Reduce Allergens in Your Apartment

Posted by Jean Jones

(April 20, 2017)

Do you think yourSprings luxury apartment home is a safe haven from allergy triggers? Surveys show that more than 50 percent of homes have at least six allergens present in the air.

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9 Storage Hacks for Your Apartment and Beyond

Posted by Kelly Kempker

(April 18, 2017)

Have you ever known anyone to complain about having too much storage space? Our Springs luxury apartment homes have generous storage, including walk-in closets. But we all seem to accumulate more than we throw out, so you can always use more room.

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6 Ways to Keep Your Dog from Barking

Posted by Mark Lee

(April 13, 2017)

Dogs are creatures of instinct, so they have no idea that everyone isn't utterly charmed by their barking. Help your pet be a good neighbor with these tips to keep it from barking in your Springs luxury apartment home.

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Topics: Apartment Living, Pet Lovers



7 Tips and Tricks for Making Spring Cleaning a Breeze

Posted by Kristen Beckwith

(April 11, 2017)

Spring cleaning comes once a year, but if you do it well, maintenance and housekeeping chores during the rest of the year will be much easier. Plan for success with these helpful tips and tricks.

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Balcony and Patio Decorating Tips — Spruce Up Your Outdoor Area for Spring

Posted by Lauren Runte

(April 06, 2017)

The balconies and patios of our Springs luxury apartment homes are more than just decorations. They serve as an extension of your living space that incorporates fresh air and sunshine.

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6 Bad Apartment Habits to Break

Posted by Prince Solomon

(April 04, 2017)

Does your Springs luxury apartment home frequently look as though a tornado just blew through? You don't have to be an OCD housekeeper to maintain a reasonably clean apartment when you break these six bad habits.

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The Odd Couple: 6 Things You’ll Never Agree on with a Roommate

Posted by Jake Meier

(March 30, 2017)

It's said that opposites attract. Does that hold true for roommates as well? Even the most compatible of friends are bound to disagree on some significant issues.

You and your roommate may not see eye to eye on these topics, but with a little cooperation you can reach a compromise that works for both of you.

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Can I Deduct Moving Expenses on My Taxes?

Posted by Steve Schroeder

(March 28, 2017)

April 15 seems to come around just a little bit faster each year. If you’ve recently moved into one of our Springs luxury apartment communities, did you know that your moving expenses may be tax deductible?  Here's a look at the tax rules involving moving expenses along with some other deductions you may not be aware of.

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Topics: Moving Tips



Plan Ahead: 10 Tips to Get Your Security Deposit Back

Posted by Molly Kee

(March 23, 2017)

When signing a lease, you pay a security deposit against any damages that may be incurred during your residence. The good news is that you may be able to get all of it back if you use these tips to plan ahead.

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Topics: Moving Tips



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